Here is an example of damage to the wiring in the rear wheel electric motor.
This was caused by excessively pulling on the wiring when a puncture was being fixed.
After we removed the wheel from the scooter we then stripped down the electric motor to the bare minimum.
We were than able to cut the wiring that was damaged, and then thread it back through the axle to be re soldered to the electrical circuit board. after we done this we were than able to reassemble the the wheel

All back up and running in just a few hours.  To see how we can fix your electric scooter problems contact us for more info. Get your electric scooter back on the road today.

We have fixed all sorts of problems anything from damaged electrics to punctures.
We can help and we are not afraid to get stuck in. We carry a wide range of spare parts mostly for Xiaomi M365, Pro, Pro 2 electric scooters, so if you are sick and tired of calling other bicycle & motorcycle shops to be told “No, sorry we don’t fix them”, then look no further because you have finally found us.
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