As a bicycle owner, you should get your bicycle serviced. How much is a bike service worth to you?

A service will help keep your bike in excellent condition. And that it will be ready and safe to use at any time you need it.
There are many reasons to service your bike at frequent intervals:

  1. To maintain smooth, efficient cycling.
  2. To evaluate wear and tear on frame and cycle parts.
  3. To inspect cables.
  4. For safety checks.

When Should I Book a Bike Service?

When you have not had your bike serviced in a long time. Dirt and grime will build upon your chain, crank, and other parts of your bike. This has a negative effect on performance. Regular servicing for your bike is a must. When you are serious about bike riding. And want to have the best biking experience.

If you rely on your bicycle to get you to and from your place of work. A regular commuter cannot afford for a bike to let you down. No matter what the season. With a frequent service, not only will you have peace of mind. That your bicycle will not let you down. But your journey will be smooth and comfortable. And your bike will be safe to ride.

Cycle Fix London recommends:

  1. The owner of a bike in regular daily use. Should book in a service every 6 months.
  2. A bicycle used for occasional rides and light use. Should book in a yearly service.

Day-to-Day Bicycle Care Advice

There are several things you can do to keep your bicycle running well. Obvious and important tasks you need to do:

  1. Keep your chain clean. To avoid poor shifting, build-up of grime and dirt plus early wear and tear. Meaning repairs between servicing.
  2. Inspect your tyres. Carry out this pre-ride check, each time you use your bike. For wear and foreign objects, even if your tyres are new. Or your journey could include a trip to your local bike repair shop.
  3. Check your brakes. With several months of cycling, your bicycles brake pads begin to wear. And cables can stretch. You made need replacements parts fitted.
  4. Wheel alignment. Check before you use your bike. Look at the wheel rotation and alignment. Is there any wobbling? You may need to visit a cycle repairer. To ensure your bike is safe, for you and the road/cycle paths.

Should you have fallen off your bike, or cycled into anything. There may be damage to your bike’s tyres, wheels, spokes, frame and more. Ask a professional to inspect your bike for damage or safety concerns.

How Much is a Bike Service?

This depends on the type of service you require. Cycle Fix London offers three options:

  1. Safety Check
  2. General Service
  3. Full Service

You can see the price of these and general repairs in our Workshop Price List.

Why Choose Cycle Fix London

We are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. And 9am to 6pm on a Saturday. Holding a large stock on replacement parts and helps to save on the environment. By refurbishing and recycling used parts wherever possible. We offer quick efficient repairs and servicing for any bicycle. You have use of a courtesy bike. To keep you pedalling whilst we work on yours.

Simply get in touch to book a service or visit us for walk-in repairs.

Cycle Fix London
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